Make Stuff Together

At Guild Row people gather around the act of making. There are great places to eat and drink and hang out, but our core is artisan-led classes, unique projects, and curated events.




Located in Avondale, Guild Row is a series of repurposed single story manufacturing buildings along the north branch of the Chicago River. Built around an open air courtyard, the campus features unique gathering spaces, a teaching kitchen, a woodshop, and an ultra-flexible dynamic event space, perfect for community gatherings of all kinds.



Guild Row is for the curious and the clever, the civic-minded and the aesthetically engaged, the resourceful and the endlessly extravagant. What we share is a heart-held belief that making things together is a deep and empowering good.

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Curated Experience

We design experiences that create the opportunity to learn, to meet one another, and to be a part of a giving community: by baking and brewing, building bee habitats and birdhouses, making a wallet or a ceramic bowl or a slingshot, sharing in a seasonal feast or joining a pie baking contest. We encounter one another while making stuff together.


Membership Club

Guild Row is a membership club designed for our best selves, the part of us that wants to keep learning and meeting new people, who want to make beautiful and useful things, and to share them with their family, friends, and community. Join us.

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