Drop in to an Open Studio or go deep in a Workshop led by a local expert. In addition to classes and workshops, we curate events that facilitate togetherness. Members will have access to one of a kind celebrations, curated neighborhood service projects, and unique opportunities to collaborate.



Open Studios


Drop in to try your hand at something new or to practice your craft with others. Open Studios are designed for ease of access. We provide the room, materials and expertise. You provide your curiosity. Open Studio offerings are constantly changing: pickling one day, soldering the next; figure drawing and then bicycle repair. What’s consistent is a good playlist, a knowledgeable facilitator, and all the necessary equipment.


A Place to Try Something new


Plunge into something new in a custom designed experience led by a local expert. Learn to brew beer or smoke a turkey; try your hand at floral design or bookshelf building.  A rotating list of Workshops is accessed through the Guild Row web app. Each Workshop is a distinct offering carefully designed to provide a gratifyingly deep exposure to a specific craft and the act of making together.


A Place to Celebrate & Share

Curated Experiences

There is a certain special gratifying something that develops when you work with others. Curated experiences are designed to create that special something. We may make a trebuchet and fling things across the river. Or create a Great Chili Cookoff to be judged by local firefighters (with the winning chili added to our Member Lounge menu and gifted to the firefighters for their troubles). Or maybe it’s just a fantastic Halloween Costume Party. In new and constantly changing ways we offer our members new ways of being together.


A Place to Engage and Be Engaged

Civic Projects

Community is a series of overlapping circles of various sizes and shapes. Civic Projects are designed to celebrate the overlap. We create opportunities for the Guild Row community use their hands in the service of others. Regular opportunities to help out local non-profits, adopting neighborhood gardens, building playground equipment — we have the tools, we have the talent. Other opportunities will be more involved and longer term and deeply collaborative, like adopting a neighborhood garden or building playground equipment for school.


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