Our campus is still under construction, but we are already crafting new ways of being together. Join us at a pop-up event or for a site tour. Meet the founders and experience Guild Row now!


Feast for the Neighborhood Hero


We are planning a celebration of Neighborhood Heroes! In a series of pop up events, we will work together to make everything needed for an autumn feast to honor our Neighborhood Heroes: the food, the feast table, the candles and candelabra, the serving platters and tablecloths, even the beer! Who are the Neighborhood Heroes, you might ask? It might be the Mayor of the Block, the community garden coordinator, the guy who always shovels you out in the winter, or the woman who always says “hello!". It’s anyone who inspires your admiration and lives near Guild Row.


Pop Up Events

Already a member or interested in learning more about Guild Row? Join us at a Pop Up Event this summer! Meet new people, make things for the Feast of the Neighborhood Hero, learn leathercrafting, printmaking, cocktail mixing, weaving and more.


Site Tours

Interested in a tour of the campus site, hosted by a Guild Row founder? We can make that happen. We’ll take you around the site, share the vision and the progress and afterwards we can grab a beer at Metropolitan!